Women Protest Idiotic Aussie Mayor, Play Right Into His Fame Whorey Hands

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Remember the Mayor of Jerktown, er, Mount Isa, Australia, who tried to entice "beauty disadvantaged" women to his mostly-male town? Well, the women of Mount Isa aren't taking this lying down (though Mayor John Molony probably wants them to - zing!). According to the local Townsville Bulletin, angry citizens protested outside the City Council forecourt last night; organizer Tracy Pertovt told the paper, "The outraged women of Mount Isa felt that the mayor's comments were archaic and it is totally not the image that we want to project for our city." Some people wore t-shirts at the protest that said "beauty challenged" and my personal favorite, "I'm ugly and I vote." Just as we suspected when we mentioned this story on Monday, Mr. Molony was just pulling this crap for publicity anyway."I won't be resigning because I'm quite comfortable with what I said," Molony told the Townsville Bulletin. "Mount Isa, my city, has taken the Olympic Games off the front page of papers all over Australia and the world and I've never heard of that happening before…People have supported me everywhere and at the moment I feel like I'm sitting on the top of Mount Kosciusko." Someone needs to explain the notion of negative attention to Mr. Molony. You know what other locales have made the front page of many papers? Three Mile Island and Chernobyl! Doesn't mean anyone wants to live in or visit your damn burg. Anyway, the inimitable Kira Cochrane of the Guardian takes Molony's blustering as an opportunity to explore the stereotype that Australian men are chauvinists. We're all familiar with Australian-born Mel Gibson and his "sugar tits" rant, but Cochrane also points out examples of sexism in Australian media and politics. She quotes Labor leader Mark Latham, who was concerned that Australian men are having a crisis of masculinity, with "mates and good blokes" being replaced "by nervous wrecks, metrosexuals, knobs and tossbags." Hahahaha "knobs and tossbags"!! Sorry. Cochrane concludes that despite knobs like Latham, Australian society is no more chauvinistic than any other. What's more marked about the Aussies is their strong women. "The country has produced some of the world's most prominent feminists - Germaine Greer, Carmen Callil, Lynne Segal," Cochrane notes, and "In fact, if there's one aspect of the Mount Isa story that really stands out for me, it's the women's response…As we went to press, they were organising a protest rally on the lawns of the civic centre. Now, that's the spirit." Ugly' Mt Isa Locals Turn On Publicity-Hungry Mayor Molony [Townsville Bulletin] The Ugly Face Of Oz [Guardian]

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A Small Turnip

@Cuteasabutton: SHEWS!

@PilgrimSoul: Pig farmer psycho! Oh god, I'd banished him from my brain. Yeah, the Great White North produces its own special brand of ickyness at times. But I do take your point - Canadians do, on the whole, tend to chew with their mouths closed, hold doors open and don't backtalk to their mothers. It's lovely.

Speaking of mothers, this had me laughing audibly. You're lucky: my mum never gets my jokes. You've no idea how dispiriting it is to toss off some delightfully clever witticism, and then have to laboriously explain why she should be laughing appreciatively. Jesus. It makes me want to kill myself.