The worst thing about dictatorships (or whatever the word would be for Iran's system of government) is that for every bona fide, trailblazing, intellectual firebrand they produce, they turn out, like, 999 people whose interests basically boil down to: 1. money and 2. the really stupid shit it buys. Case in point was this college roommate we once had, who came from Tehran the year Khatami was elected and we were all, "OMG did you vote?" and she was all, "OMG I'm getting a nose job so I can pledge Theta!" Which she did!

Anyway, even more case in point (and slightly less self-referential!) are two pieces of news from the Persian Gulf we read this morning:

  • A noted Iranian scholar visiting Tehran to see her ninety-something-year-old grandmother was jailed after the government newspaper accused her of being a spy for Israel and the United States and trying to incite a revolution against the country's oppressive Islamic government.
  • Women in Iran will go to preposterous lengths to attend clandestine fashion shows replete with throbbing house music!


So let's see... if the Iranian women's dedication to premium denim manufactured under AMERICAN brand names supersedes their dedication to, you know, actual rights, are the terrorists winning? Losing? Prolonging ideological struggle into tragic perpetuity? Don't answer that!

Husband of US scholar refutes claim that wife is a spy [Washington Post]
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(Image courtesy Muslim Girl Magazine)