Women Of A Certain Age

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A recent study at UC Irvine has found that women over the age of 90 are more likely to have dementia than their male counterparts. Of the study participants, 45 percent of the women had dementia while only 28 percent of the men had it. The best-known form of dementia, of course, is Alzheimer's, and it can result in memory loss and gradual restriction of daily activities. According to the U.S. Census, people over 90 are the fastest growing age-group of the population, and two-thirds of those are female. [Eureka Alert]

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@rmric0: Please don't label me as hostile because I don't just buy into what someone tells me.

I haven't acted hostile in any way.

You can buy into this study if you'd like. I'm not sure why you need me to buy into this crap too.

I've read and continue to read studies for my degrees. Some of the studies reported that people of certain races were less intelligent that others. People blindly bought into that study also because someone with a Ph.D said it was so, so it MUST have been valid.

I'm amazed that because people decided to buy into the study du jour, that they need everyon to believe the same.

I still call bull. *but not in a hostile way of course*