Women Make Dads Out Of Dudes With Deep Voices

Men with deeper, more "masculine" voices have more children than those with higher-pitched voices, according to a report from Biology Letters. Researchers from Harvard conducted a study on the Hazda, a group of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, because the Hadza live much like our ancestors did, without the trappings of modern technology (meaning: without birth-control). Voice-recordings were collected from 49 men and 52 women and the reproductive history of each person was analyzed, resulting in the finding that the deeper a man's voice, the more likely he was to have fathered many children. ("We found that for women, the voice pitch was not connected to reproduction," adds Harvard anthropologist Coren Apicella.)

The reason for the connection between deep voices and daddy-making? Researchers theorize that It could either be because deep voices are indicative of high testosterone levels, or simply because dudes with deep voices start procreating earlier. So basically the study found that women are more likely to bone someone like Clive Owen than Woody Allen. But did we really need a bunch of scientists to tell us that?


Deep-voiced men 'have more kids' [BBC News]

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