Women Less Happy Than Men About Performing Every Single One Of Those Multi Tasks

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Guess what? At any given time, during any given moment, you're probably not as happy as most dudes you know. And you're less happy than girls in the seventies!
Think it's society's sharpening emphasis on your superficialest qualities? Or your dumb minimum wage job's? Could it be PMS and the related phenomenon that is bleeding smelly coagulated blood from the same vaginas you are now supposed to wax bald once a month, or your relative difficulty getting off? Or is it the fact you make less money, or the fact that even when you make more money your tits are the whole reason, status handbags and the related fact that we meet so many fucking women who confirm all our deepest fears about women by paying stupid money for them, crap emails, the rising cost of health care, the rising cost of toilet paper, our undiagnosed cases of ADD, and getting our college gray rapist completely outdouched by our preposterously chauvinist bosses, and above and beyond all this, the absurd imperative that is multitasking all these factors at once? We were so busy doing that last part we forgot to read the article, so we did..


And yeah, it turns out we were right about everything, especially that last part. Essentially we find pretty much every activity we engage in more unpleasant than men, mainly because we are expected to engage in so many goddamn activities, and specifically spending time with those parents who want to know when we'll finally grow up and find a real job and get married and give them grandchildren so we can get on with taking care of them in old age already.

He's Happier, She's Less So [NY Times]

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Look at all the rants! All of you women have said that _society_ expects so much of you...

Who exactly is that? Yourselves maybe?

Your husbands don't - most men I know say their wives are too busy, and take on too much, but they can't talk them into slowing down. But somehow it's the husband's fault.

Is it really your female chauvanist boss's fault? I have personally never worked for a boss that didn't encourage and promote women. All the women I work with make the same money for the same job as the men. Maybe we're better to women in the South. I dunno'.

Let's put the blame squarely where it belongs. The generation of Bitch Baby boomers, whose women threw off all societal norms and have made women's lives a living hell ever since. THEY taught you that you had to be a man and a woman at the same time. THEY told you that you have to have some kind of career and be a full time mother at the same time.

Here's an idea. Pick one! If you want to be a mother, then be a mother! Work ONE part time job if you need to get out of the house. My grandmother and her generation worked more than full time both at home, and with other women, helping them all provide for each other's families. They were stay at homes but they worked 60 hour weeks. And they weren't barefoot and pregnant. That's a myth that the women of the 60's and 70's have told you. Those women were well respected in their communities and loved by their husbands. They were nobody's bond servants. My grandfather and his kin did the heavy work around the house. Repair, tending the garden, honey-do list, hunting, fishing, teaching boys to RESPECT their mothers and wives, and working HARD to provide for our families. Each person had their part to play.

You've been taught and believe a lie.

I didn't say go home... I said pick! Just don't do both. Make your mark on the world as a career woman, or as a mother. You can't do both SUCCESSFULLY.

We men really do respect you more than you realize.