We really like it when women can joke openly about women problems. Like when we are bleeding heavily (hint: now) we like to say things like "I'm bleeding like a miscarriage." And so we love the librarians profiled in today's NYT menopause story who had the sense of humor to annex a particularly frigid office in their building with a sign proclaiming it "The Hot Flash Room." Too bad some people aren't laughing so much!

"I didn't have a clue the women were using the room to cool off," said Peter Caton, 34, the library's network administrator who works out of the room. "I only found out it was the 'Hot Flash Room' after they put up the poster. I was shocked and kind of offended. It's my office. If I was an older man and I put an erectile dysfunction ad on your cubicle, how would you feel?"

Pete! A proposal: we don't think that erectile dysfunction is really, you know, a fair counterpart to menopause, but we'd be glad to hasten its onset on you if you'd like to find out! Not that we wouldn't rather give you a hysterectomy!

Listen Up, Everybody: I'm In Menopause [NYTimes]