Women: Good Drivers One Year, Bad Ones The Next

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A new study says gay men and straight women share a poor sense of direction and straight men are better drivers. Psychologists at the University of London employed a virtual-reality scenario in which volunteers had to swim through an underwater maze to find a hidden platform or explore an environment and find "rewards." The gays and the women didn't do too well! ("The results back earlier studies supporting the stereotype that women are poor navigators. Although women are more successful in tests requiring them to remember the position of objects, men consistently do better in tasks requiring navigation and uncovering hidden objects.")


One could argue that maybe gay men and straight women have social lives and therefore don't spend loads of time playing video games, and so are not as quick to navigate virtual reality as straight dudes. But whatever! The fun thing is this: An article on the study, titled "Straight Men Better Drivers", was published in The Sun today; but in February 2003 the paper printed a story called "Women Are Safer Drivers"; in November 2005, it featured a piece titled "Women Are Tops At Wheel"; and in March 2006, a story called "Women Are Better Drivers" (written by someone named Emma Parker Bowles) was published. So! While Dr. Qazi Rahman may have conducted a study that has him stating, "Women are going to take a lot longer to reach their destination, making more errors, taking wrong turns etc." we're pretty sure we could find a way to commit a moving violation should he step in front of our vehicle. We'll get our gays to help!

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i too call bullshit. i think it depends person-to-person. my mom? awesome with maps. my dad and i? TERRIBLE. i'm probably the worst ever with directions though— the other day i was driving somewhere with my boyfriend, and he goes "ok, take a right at the next stoplight." so at the next stoplight i turn...and as soon as i'm through the turn he goes "uh...sweetie? you turned left."

i had no idea. sometimes, i think the DMV should confiscate my license, not because i'm a bad driver, but because i get lost so often.