And here's a startling new development in the case of Women v. Math, Science, Saying Something Is "Fine" When It Is Not Actually Fine At All, and Driving: According to the L.A. Times, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there is a prevalence of females (two-thirds of the drivers involved) involved in a very specific kind of car accident caused by "pedal misapplication," which occurs 15 times a month in the United States.

Why we so wack about the gas pedal?, the analytical among us may ask. Well, the NHTSA speculates that women have "a poorer fit in their cars due to shorter stature, which may increase the likelihood of a pedal application error." Also, they suggest that most of these crashes occur in commercial parking lots, so perhaps these accidents all go down outside of the local shopping malls that women flock to, happily rooting through those awkward clearance boxes in Express, menses all a-cycling together to form a luxurious, flowing tributary of Womanhood. Or something.


However, men are still 57% likely to be in a car accident, while our poor-ass car-fitting selves come in at a more respectable 43%. Men are also three times more likely to die in a crash. In a follow-up, the NHTSA is likely to report that at least 20% of that 43% accounts for my mom getting into fender-benders outside of Applebee's and hyperventilating.

Women More Likely to Mistake Gas Pedal for Brakes [LA Times]

Image via Sergey Mironov/Shutterstock.