Women 'Depend' on Social Media While Men Use the Internet to Get Smarter and Richer

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Women can't imagine living without Facebook and Twitter while stoic men would totally be able to do without, since they only use the internet for, like, banking and "supplementing their learning," bro.

This dubious information comes care of a new study by British telecommunications company BT, which says it polled more than 2,000 Brits before determining that women are "more dependent" on social media. We're curious who they spoke with, exactly, since the rest of the results seem kind of...weird? According to the Daily Telegraph, over half of the women surveyed said they used social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, while only 34 percent of men "admitted" to doing so. Only 34 percent, eh? That's odd, since a September 2011 poll with a slightly larger survey set that included the rest of the UK found that a whopping 72 percent of men (and 80 percent of women) used Facebook. Another recent survey by the Office of National Statistics found that a more modest but still significantly higher 54 percent of men used social networks.

So who the hell are these people BT found? Well, let's see what else we know about them: Only seven percent of men, as opposed to 18 percent of women, would miss social media websites the most if the internet "no longer existed." What kind of websites would these men miss, pray tell? Those that aid "the ease of administration," like web banking. Look, I enjoy using my Bank of America mobile app as much as the next person (when it's not asking me like 5 different security questions every time I sign in from a new computer) but really? I'm not sure if these people understand the true meaning of the phrase "if the internet no longer existed." That means no more GIFs!


BT also found that nine percent of women play online games, as opposed to eight percent of men, and only three percent of men use content sharing websites, such as Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo, compared to six per cent of women. Huh. Whaaaat are these people doing online?! Porn. It must be porn.

Wait, I mean, shoes: "The statistics show that while more women use the internet for research purposes - such as looking up shopping deals" — hah, because obviously ladies have to research before they shop, we're not stupid — "more men turn to the web to supplement their learning and expand their knowledge on various topics."

WELL. Now we know! Men use the internet to expand their enormous brains and manage their finances in an organized manner while ladies shop and chat. Rather than get more annoyed by this bullshit study than is perhaps appropriate or necessary, let's ask ourselves: What would you miss the most if the internet didn't exist? Besides the opportunity to research shopping? That's a given, natch.

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Pope Alexander

I actually would miss online banking quite a bit — since I haven't been in an actual bank in months and it's great.

I'd miss online shopping, for sure. Since I gained a bunch of weight, I hate having to go into regular stores only to realize nothing will fit, but I hate how depressing the one or two plus-sized stores nearby are. Getting gorgeous plus-sized clothing from online definitely helps to supplement my mood about things.

But yeah, if I'm being honest, the social aspect is huge. With that said, a day doesn't go by when I don't wonder whether I'd spend more time in-person with my friends if I didn't have them all so easily accessible via Facebook. Sure, not the ones in other countries, but then ironically I talk less to them anyway.

And blogs — reading and writing them.