Illustration for article titled Women Defriend While Men Embarrass Themselves On Social Networking Sites, Study Says

Women are more likely than men to delete friends from social networking sites like Facebook, according to a new study, which also found that ladies tend to choose stricter privacy settings. Cue all those "omg, women are soo catty/bitchy" jokes — but the survey also found that men are nearly twice as likely as women to post content that they later regret. So, MAYBE, women are just savvier about keeping tabs on the people looking at their status updates.


Both sexes have an equally hard time figuring out how the hell Facebook's privacy controls work — about half of those surveyed said they had some difficulty fiddling around with the settings — and, as we all know, no one uses MySpace anymore. (Only 23 percent had an account in 2011, down from 48 percent in 2009) No data on who hates Facebook's "Timeline" more passionately.

Click, unfriend: women more likely to do it than men [AFP]

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