Commuters at train stations in the UK had their hands analyzed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as part of the first Global Handwashing Day, reports The Independent. In London, 21% of women had fecal bacteria on their hands, compared to only 6% of men. Oh, sure the bacteria were "all from the gut" and do not necessarily cause disease, but the statistics do indicate that hands have not been washed properly and that women have filthier hands than men.What the hell? Pair this with the news from Live Science that women are more likely than men to suffer from bad teeth , and you've gotta wonder: Why do women have so much to worry about, health-wise? I remember going to the drugstore recently and it seemed that all of the items I dumped at the register magnified something that was "wrong" with me: My conditioner was specially made for "dry" and "damaged" hair; my deodorant was "extra" strength; I had not lotion but "intensive body moisture" with "healing" properties; the toothpaste I needed was fortified with "whitening" ingredients for my yellowed teeth and even my tampons were "ultra" absorbent for my tsunami-like menstrual flow. As for the dirty hands, the UK study doesn't offer much explanation as to why women's were filthier than men's. (One commenter posits: "They have longer nails, that's why.") But the bad teeth can be blamed on hormonal and dietary changes related to higher pregnancy rates. "Women eat more frequently during pregnancy because of having a smaller stomach," says anthropologist John Lukacs. Also, women may produce less saliva during pregnancy. It's an "acid challenge for teeth." Either way: Don't we already have enough to worry about? Excuse me while I go find my waterless hand sanitizer. Why (Some) Women Don't Scrub Up As Well As Men [Independent] Why Women Have Bad Teeth [Live Science]