Women Around The World Swear That British Men Suck

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This one goes out to Tad Safran (you remember, the guy living in the UK who wrote that British women were unkempt fatties?): Women who move to the UK from abroad find British men highly disappointing, writes Julia Llewellyn Smith for Telegraph. Jennifer Rohn moved to London from Idaho. She says British men are "witty and charming" but terrified of women: "Basically, they charm the pants off you but then they run away when they see your knickers."


Vanessa Muscara, 31, hails from Rome but lives in on and off in London. She says she she'll never settle down with an Englishman: "They never flatter you," she points out. "However much of an effort I made for my ex, he never said, 'You look great.' The best I'd get was, 'You look well.' It drove me crazy. Women complain about Italian men being sleazy, but what's wrong with a 'Ciao, bella' when you're looking your best?"

Ms. Llewellyn Smith calls British men "emotionally constipated" and notes that they have fully "embraced the cowardly art of text-messaging." The women she interviewes do try and muster up some praise for the Brits: "British men are more articulate and amusing than Americans," Jennifer Rohn admits. Adds Maryam, 31, who moved to London from Iran four years ago: "They have what we call 'clean eyes.' They don't stare at other women when their wife isn't there - unlike the Spanish." She also says: "If they weren't so lazy, they'd be fantastic." So what's up across the pond? Are the guys really so terrible? Do we have James Bond to blame for our unrealistic image of the Brit as a dashing charmer? Sure, it's a sweeping generalization, but between Tad Safran, Jude Law and the men the ladies in the article had the misfortune of encountering, are British men the worst? Guess a foxy accent isn't nearly enough.

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@SinisterRouge: ugh. even though i absolutely love the country of greece, i don't think i will ever go there again without male companions. seriously. i was FOLLOWED DOWN THE STREET being heckled. i really, really wanted to ask them the last time that that actually worked.

granted, i'm sure i stood out, but really. following me down the street? NOT OKAY.