Wonder why women are so much unhappier than men? Well we're getting less sleep than ever, and it's making us fat because of all the crap we eat when the caffeine wears off, and if we think our twenties are bad our thirties and forties are going to be even worse, all according to some bullshit new study conducted in the U.K., home of the school of "duh."

Eighty-five per cent of thirtysomething women say they frequently feel tired and 59 per cent of these feel tired all the time. Only a quarter regularly enjoy seven or eight hours sleep a night, 75 per cent are lucky if they get six hours, and 40 per cent usually get by on less than six.


Must be all the multitasking! But it made us curious: how do you deal with your constant lack of sleep? Take our poll, after the jump.


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