Women Are Not 'Asking For It,' No Matter How Many Body Shots They Take

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A new and incredibly popular Facebook page attempts to humiliate women out on the town: for accidentally flashing their underwear while dancing, having their periods, passing out drunk, participating in public sexual acts, or simply posing for a G-rated photo with a friend.


If Texts From Last Night and Candid Camera had an incredibly misogynistic baby, it would be Embarrassing Nightclub Photos, an Australian-based Facebook page on which fans post pictures taken at nightclubs around the world. The page, which launched in July, already has over 500,000 "Likes." Because people are horrible.

"This is just for shits n giggles & not intended to intentionally offend any individual/business," the "About" section offers as a disclaimer. And indeed, the few lone commenters who attempt to speak out amidst the hundreds of people "Liking," sharing and commenting on humiliating photos of unwitting women are told to shut up and get a sense of humor. In the majority of the community members' minds, these women (yes, always women; the men in the photos are given virtual slaps on the back for being players or xcore partiers while the women next to them are denigrated) deserve to be made fun of because they got so wasted. Let's remember that the commenters know nothing about these women; the assumption is that any woman on the site is ripe for bullying because she is "asking it" for being out at a club, even if she didn't ask to have her photo taken (and posted on a site for over half a million assholes to see).

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Although the commenters know nothing about the subjects of their ridicule, it's not for want of trying — most women's faces are visible, and many of the comments on their photos are from people tagging their "friends" so they can figure out the identities of the subjects and shame them even further. We've decided not to contribute by linking to individual photos, but to give you an idea: on a photo of a teenager celebrating her 18th birthday who has cellulite on her legs, a commenter wrote, "Jesus fucking Christ its like staring at a car crash." On a photo of a clearly intoxicated woman passed out on a flight of stairs, her purse and cellphone lying a few feet away: "Should've got her a pillow and blanket or something??? and then molested her! Lol ;)"

On a photo of a woman with visible armpit hair posing with friends: "I mean armpit hair aside, she is also rather rotund and that dress is just not working for her. Gamely and unkempt would be two adjectives I would use to describe her." On a photo of two women posing together, smiling: "I always wonder why the ugly ones think they're hot....fukn hideous, good for a laugh!!!" On a photo of a larger woman making out with a guy on the beach: "Roll her back into the sea when you're done with her." On another photo of a larger woman making out with a man: "Kill it before it lays eggs."

Photos in which viewers can spy a woman's tampon string are popular; almost 2,000 people "Liked" a photo of a woman dancing with her tampon string hanging out. "eww dirty hoe!!!!!!!" one commenter said. "If you pull the string does her head explode like a party popper lol" said another.


Multiple photos show public sexual acts: a couple grinding on each other on the beach, a woman giving a man oral sex outside a club, a man's hand up a woman's dress. Naturally, only the woman is the slutty one. "Very white knees on her, clearly been down on them a few times," one commenter said. Then, there was this comment on the latter photo:

This girl is a friend of mine and she is no fucking slut . Just because she has been fingered a few times doesnt make her a bad person . She was drunk or would have waited until they were in a more private place etc . I created this account to protect her privacy too . Not as if she is doing anything wrong ffs


Here's just one response:

hahaha yeah dude she is just wrong... dont blame the alcohol she loved it fucking skank if u cant help urself dont make n excuse to hide it hahahaha


Why are sites like "Embarrassing Nightclub Photos" so massively popular? It's not just because people think the photos are funny. It's because people feel better about themselves when they feel holier than thou. Commenters peruse photos and then think, "I'm superior. I would never do that. I would never put myself in a position to be publicly humiliated." Thus, they differentiate between real life sexual assault and women whose actions they feel merit harassment.

One comment on a photo of a woman running over to pose with her friends and accidentally leaning over too far says: "Hahahaha..come on woman you were asking for this to be taken.. Short SHORT dress + what seems to be no underwear = exactly this picture!!" What else do they think she's asking for?



Never, ever will I regret growing the fuck up and deciding never to go to clubs again.

Ladies: You cannot act a fool and not be punished and humiliated for it. Nobody actually wants you to have fun. They want to grope you or laugh at you or both, because you are not there for your own enjoyment—you are for their use and amusement. If you like to dance, drink, and act a fool, only do it at parties in private homes, with select and limited, trusted friends who have good judgment about camera use. Strangers in public places fucking suck.

I love how these "They're drunk, NBD" commenters haven't thought to wonder who might have passed out in the bathroom because of a doped drink. It happens all the time, it's happened to people—both male and female—who I know, who knew their alcohol limit, and were not being irresponsible idiots.