Women Are Making a Major Dent in the Indie Film World This Year

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While major studios consistently fail to support female filmmakers, women directors and screenwriters are currently finding a refreshing amount of success on the indie circuit. Of the 25 creatives listed on Filmmakers Magazine's 2014 list of the New Faces of Independent Film, 13 are women.

Here are the female filmmakers included on the list, via Women and Hollywood:

Frances Bodomo - "Boneshaker," "Afronauts"

Jodie Mack - "Dusty Stacks of Mom"

Jessica Dimmock + Christopher LaMarca - Boone,"Brick"

Jamey Phillips - Untitled Bill Cosby Documentary

Annie Silverstein - "Skunk," The Great Madness

Gina Telaroli - Stages, Traveling Light, Here's to the Future!

Ana Lily Amirpour - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Bad Batch

Janicza Bravo - "Gregory Goes Boom," "Pauline Alone"

Lily Henderson - About a Mountain

Nicole Riegel - Untitled Cary Fukunaga film, untitled Justin Lin film, Lynch

Charlotte Glynn - Rachel, "The Immaculate Reception"

Heidi Saman - "The Maid," Namour

Lev Kalman + Whitney Horn - "Blondes in the Jungle," L for Leisure, "Peruvian Bodies," Two Planes and a Fancy


Very inspiring!

While we're celebrating women in film, mosey on over to the Mary Sue and check out this list of 50 female-directed movies that you should revisit as soon as possible.

Image via Afronauts, directed by Frances Bodomo.

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I think there should be an overall list of women making a dent in Hollywood - which is not only run by the patriarchy, but by NEPOTISM as well, which pisses me off more.

Everybody thinks the director makes the movie (which is partly false, by the way)...what about the writers? editors? producers?