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Women Are Greedily Using Up All the Internet

Illustration for article titled Women Are Greedily Using Up All the Internet

A new infographic from Digital Flash NY shows that ladies be using up the internets like whoa, which, for all those social media companies keeping score, is a lot more than men are using the internet.


The Huffington Post offers a brief overview of Digital Flash's most salient findings, pointing out that women make up about 64 percent of all Facebook users, 58 percent of Twitter users, and golf-clapping 82-percent of Pinterest users. That women dominate these social media avenues, however, is a well-documented phenomenon. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that women are now starting to outnumber teenage boy hermits in the online gaming universe — Digital Flash found that "women over the age of 55 spend more time playing online games than males aged 15 to 24 and males 25 to 34 combined." Reddit, it seems, with its overwhelmingly (84 percent) male user pool, was a notable exception to all this lady internet dominance.

Of course, women are still vastly underrepresented in the tech industry, which means that, though they're consuming more of the internet than men, men are still largely seen as the internet's guardian wizards, which is pretty annoying.


More Women On Facebook, Twitter And Pinterest Than Men [HuffPo]

Infographic: Battle of the Sexes [Digital Flash NY]

Image via wrangler/Shutterstock.

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Reddit is male dominated? Well, color me shocked.