Woman's Apartment Is Secretly Overrun by Bees

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A woman in Queens, New York found over 50,000 bees in the ceiling of her apartment earlier this week, a discovery that — we can all agree — is utterly a-pollen.


Elmhurst resident Frieda Turkmenilli reports that she spotted one or two bees in her home over the last couple weeks, but had no idea that there were thousands of them living in her walls.

"How did they get there? Where did they come from? I was shocked," she told ABC.

And these weren't just your average ol' squatter bees, but honey bees who were actually building combs.


"It's pretty amazing to think they found this one little hole, and they went in and set up shop, and started making honey," says building manager Mike Candan.

Candan brought in bee keepers who humanely removed the bees and brought them to a bee farm. Probably for the best, but, at the same time, it seems like a real missed business opportunity. Considering the price of artisanal, locally-produced honey, Turkmenilli could have made a fortune had she been willing to share her space/get stung a lot.

It's not so bad! Who can undervalue 50,000 roommates who you can bee yourself around?

(I'll see myself out.)

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I'm happy that they were humanely removed and relocated. Having an assload of bees in your apartment is terrifying, but it's a hell of a lot better than hornets or wasps. At least bees are pretty docile and, you know, do something useful.