Here's a very sad story with an even sadder ending. Earlier this week, Darlene Gilkey, a 59-year-old woman with terminal cancer, watched as her husband, Paul Gilkey, fatally shot her son and her two sisters in front of her while she lay in a hospital bed in her living room. Apparently, there had been a dispute over whether Darlene should be served tea and toast or an orange, and her husband became so enraged that he shot the three people before also killing himself.

As if that wasn't tragic and awful enough, now Darlene has died of her cancer. She was being cared for in the medical facility in Ohio where she was transferred after the murder of her family. She passed away yesterday, just hours before the funeral for her 38-year-old son Leroy (pictured above) was to be held. She has another son, Ralph Sowers III, who survived the shootings after his stepfather let him go because he had children.


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