Woman Who's Been a Surrogate Mother 11 Times Officially Retires Her Uterus

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For most women, the idea of carrying four of their own children is more than enough. But one woman did that much and then kept right on going. Meredith Olafson, of Fargo, North Dakota, has delivered 15 babies. That is approaching Duggar levels of birthing. Unlike the Duggars, though, most of the babies didn't belong to Olafson. The first four were her own, and the other 11 were for families for whom she was serving as a surrogate. Fortunately, Olafson says she has relatively easy pregnancies—no morning sickness, very little weight gain—and her deliveries are the stuff dreams are made of:

My longest was my oldest daughter. She took me an hour and 15 minutes to deliver. My second daughter took me 30 minutes and the last two took me 20 minutes.

With luck like that, it's tempting to hate her, except she seems so darn likable. Most surrogates get paid a lot of money (some as much as $250,000), but Olafson makes a fraction of that. She isn't in it for the money; she's in it to see the joy on the parents' faces when they get to experience having a child. The babies don't have her DNA, so she says she looks at it like the parents have handed over their baby to her and then she hands it back—which she says makes it a lot easier.

Olafson just wrapped up her sixth surrogate pregnancy—she's carried two sets of triplets, a set of twins, and three single babies—and now, she says, "I am officially retiring the uterus." Fair enough! Olafson is now 47, and let's hope her uterus enjoys a life of leisure from here on out.


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I went to the doctor about nine months ago because I slept fourteen hours a day and was still tired. Also I could not stop eating and was beginning to put on weight rapidly. I figured I had some sort of thyroid issue. The doctor told me I was about five weeks pregnant. A week later I became insanely nauseous and lost all the weight I'd gained. I then began to throw up everything, even liquids. After about two days of not being able to keep down food or water, I went back to the hospital, where I was informed about the wonders of zofran. I have no idea if either I or my daughter would have made it past the first trimester without this drug, and I'm *thrilled* that Romneycare helped me pay for it. I downed the maximum dose while lying in bed all day every day for a little over five months. Even with medication and bedrest, every brand of prenatal vitamin I tried, as well as the Flintstones Kids vitamins they recommend for sensitive pregnant women, made me puke for days. Any sort of stimulation, even thinking too hard, was bound to make me ill. I even managed to throw up my zofran on more than a few occasions.

By about six months I wasn't puking too much. By seven months I wasn't even feeling bad. At seven and a half months I got severe heartburn and began to throw up again. This lasted until a little over eight months when the baby dropped. Then the nausea started to come back, though at least it's not as bad this time. The fact that basically all of my weight gain happened at 6-7 months, with me sometimes gaining a pound a day, means that I have NASTY stretch marks. Also, nosebleeds! When a very pregnant woman starts spouting blood out her face in the middle of the corner store, people freak.

I'm due in eight days. Everybody keeps saying I'll change my mind, but I'M GETTING STERILIZED THE SECOND MY DAUGHTER IS BORN.

Tl;dr: She sounds nice and stuff, but I'm jealous and hate this lady. HATE.