Woman Who Stuck a Bunch of Stuff in Her Vagina Is Arrested After Cops Watch Viral Video

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An Indiana woman earned the nickname "Bottle Girl" this week after starring in a viral video in which she sticks a bunch of bottles into her girl while standing in the bed of her truck surrounded by hooting diesel derby enthusiasts. Or as I like to call it, WEDNESDAY!!! HEYO! I'M DEAD INSIDE!


Via The Smoking Gun:

Dobrowolski removed her dress as various onlookers filmed her standing naked.

Dobrowolski is then seen engaging in explicit sexual acts with liquor bottles (she is, um, aided at points by two unidentified men). The graphic activity is met by hoots from an approving crowd of guys, one of whom exclaims, "This is awesome!"

Terre Haute cops began investigating the clip after it began circulating online this week. After identifying Dobrowolski—and determining when the video was filmed—cops charged her with misdemeanor public nudity.

You can search for the video yourself if you're dying to watch it—it's NSFW (obv) and actually fairly disturbing. It's heartening to note that Dobrowolski, for her part, does not seem too concerned about the charges, the attention, the capacity of her vagina to store recyclables, or the very public revelation of her identity. She's actually soliciting "suggestions on her Facebook page for what should appear on a proposed t-shirt memorializing the incident."


I mean.

Prosecuting someone after the fact for something as benign as "misdemeanor nudity," when there weren't even any complaints about the nudity at the time of the nudity, is pretty weak. So fuck that.

But also...


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Ugh. No thanks. I'm good. I once saw a video of a woman shooting a football out of her vagina many years ago, and that was enough for me. I still cross my legs and wince when I think of it.