Woman Who Dates Married Men Makes No Apologies But Plenty Of Excuses

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Dulcie Pearce of UK tabloid The Sun spoke to a self-confessed "husband snatcher" named Alliyah Johnson about why she pursues men who have wives. Alliyah, a 23-year-old "model" says she was once in a relationship with Steve, a guy her own age who constantly told her he was in love with her, which was "a real turn-off." Even worse, when Steve took Alliyah out for her birthday, he took her to "a dirty kebab shop" with plastic chairs and gave her a secondhand PlayStation game, with the label still on it. "I was mortified," Alliyah explains. So Alliyah did what any other disillusioned young woman would do: She ditched Steve and headed to a swanky bar, where she met 45-year-old man named Tom, who bought her champagne, asked for her number and, a few days later, took her out for dinner at a really "posh" restaurant, where he confessed he was married with two kids.

It was strange, but for some reason I felt quite relieved by this news. It meant that he wouldn't ever be telling me he loved me. Instead, we could just have some fun with no strings attached. [Also], I didn't feel guilty about the fact he had kids because I didn't know them. They were his, not mine, so I didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong.


And so began Alliyah's career as the other woman. Alliyah is currently dating two businessmen at the same time, but doesn't tell either guy about the other, because it makes each "feel special" to think he's the only one. Alliyah swears she's not a homewrecker: "The men are the ones in a committed relationship who chose to cheat on their wives and family. I am free and single, and in no way looking to destroy anyone's marriage." (She claims if these men weren't seeing her, they'd just be seeing someone else.) And you know what? When you look at it, it kinda makes sense: Here, you have a woman who is happy, getting laid and being showered with gifts. And then we remember: She's fucking someone's husband.

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@sonikka: Maybe they sucked rocks. But if that's the case, why can't the husband (or wife, whatever) either work to fix it or, if the marriage is irreparable, divorce and go about his (or her) merry way? There are far nobler choices to make than cheating.