Woman Who Can Literally FLIP Her Butt Implants Goes On Botched

I don't know what it is about Botched that keeps me watching, but I walked in on my partner gasping at it one morning and I've been sucked in. This story may be their most extreme. And no, it's not for the squeamish.

Renee Talley made headlines a year ago when she posted the following video of her butt implants flipping all the way around inside her ass like they were performing in some strange new Cirque show, prompting many to scream "WHY ARE THEY DOING THAT? BUTTS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!" This is like the one time no one can argue that butts can't do whatever they want. (Butts are strong people that don't need no man!)

Talley appeared on the most recent episode of Botched to get her posterior fixed by one of the fine doctors on the show. (The episode might be airing again this week.) What's most interesting about Talley's story is that her initial video was meant to showcase how dangerous getting these implants was, yet Talley had gotten them after having even more dangerous fillers removed. And she didn't want to wait the six months before putting the implants in. And it's just a whole awful mess. But this show might be helping to spread the word that this kind of surgery can be dangerous.

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Mark, I don't mean any disrespect by this, but we need to get you some help, buddy. This is one of your more tame posts and it is still disturbing as fuck.

I've got hugs to give, you can borrow one of my pets, somebody on here can get you meds and there has to be at least one therapist in this bunch...