Woman Who Accused Nelly Of Rape Wants the Case Dropped

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After Nelly was accused of raping a woman on a tour bus in Washington earlier this month, he vehemently denied the allegations in a series of tweets. Now, the woman who accused him of rape does not want to forward with the case because of online harassment and a belief that the legal system “will fail her.”

As the New York Times reports, a lawyer for the accuser wrote in a letter on October 13 that her client will not testify further against Nelly. “We do not live in a society where a 21-year-old college student can feel safe enough to pursue criminal charges against a celebrity for an alleged rape,” the lawyer, Karen Koehler, wrote.

The Auburn Police Department told the newspaper that they will be proceeding with a criminal investigation, even though the accuser has made it clear to the department she wanted the investigation halted. “She wishes she had not called 911 because she believes the system is going to fail her,” wrote Koehler. TMZ also reported that the department is still gathering evidence to present to the prosecutor’s office.

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