Jessica Thom's memories of handling Tourette Syndrom goes back to when she was 6 years-old, though her symptoms intensified in her early 20s. It was then that she developed Coprolalia, "the uncontrollable use of obscene words that effects only 10% of Touretters." She's now made it her goal to educate others on realities of Tourette Syndrome through logging her ticks, visual art and a superhero alter ego named Touretteshero that tours schools to spread awareness.


Jessica's awesomeness and sense of humor is nicely summed up in her website's mission statement:

Main Aim:
To celebrate and share the creativity and humour of Tourettes in an accessible way, with the widest possible audience.

To increase awareness of Tourettes and its challenges without self-pity or mockery.

To take ownership of the laughter associated with Tourettes in order to provide a genuinely funny cultural alternative.

To suggest informal ways of dealing with the challenging social situations that people with Tourettes often face.

To run innovative events for children and young people with Tourettes that focus on the value of play, interaction and social inclusion rather than any associated 'problems'.


A superhero indeed!

Jessica Thom's Tourette Syndrome Superhero Educates, Entertains and Inspires [Comic Alliance]

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