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Woman Twerking in Toxic Water Is the Embodiment of Pure Joy

Illustration for article titled Woman Twerking in Toxic Water Is the Embodiment of Pure Joy

If you've never heard of TomorrowWorld (not to be confused with Tomorrow Land), an electronic music festival that happened in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend, you're going to be disappointed you didn't buy your ticket to see this woman freak the hell out on some groovy tunes.


Uproxx notes that it's not clear whether it rained too much in Georgia over the weekend or whether the only way to separate fans from artists was with a terrifying moat of murky water chock-full of floating herpes, but this woman pretty much just made the best of it, turning herself into a Toxic Avenger mermaid by flipping her hair perfectly (check it out: Very Ariel) and then twerking so aggressively that it would make Miley want to quit her tour and go back home to practice.


And the best part? Besides being an awesome dancer, this woman's probably got mutant powers now. Or syphilis. Probably syphilis, actually. #YOLO

Image via Vine

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Let's not conflate salamandering with twerking. For the love of Big Freedia I urge caution in these times.