Woman Tells Urban Legend-Like Story About Match.com Pairing Her with Colorado Shooter

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TMZ, ever eager to disinter one the creepier, more lurid follow-up stories to the shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, has pulled a wriggly worm of an anecdote out of the ground and is waving it around for everyone to flinch at — a Colorado woman named "Diana" says that on Friday afternoon, Match.com paired her with James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people at the Friday midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.


In what sounds a lot like the beginning of a really good (or awful, depending on how you like your creepy stories) urban legend, Diana says that she discovered Holmes' profile among her suggested matches, which freaked her out, obviously. She said it was "pretty scary getting matched to a mass murderer," especially one whose profile asked the eery question, "Will you visit me in jail?" Diana informed Match.com about the profile, then took a few screenshots before it was deleted. Holmes hadn't visited it in 24 hours, so it had been created before the shootings (seeming proof, in TMZ's estimation, that the profile isn't a hoax). Among Holmes' favorite movies and books — in case you glean some significance from the cinematic and literary tastes of a killer — are Star Wars and Where's Waldo?. Now we can all take a few moments to shiver about the murky, rock-quarry pool of strangers in the online dating universe.


James Holmes: The Match.com Profile [TMZ]

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The latest conspiracy theory is that there is some mastermind who somehow hypnotized/brainwashed James Holmes into committing the murders. It's an interesting read if you're into that sort of thing. The part that makes me wonder is - if he truly was an unemployed student without a lot of cash, how did he afford all of the extensive equipment he had?

The other part of me sees this guy as a highly intelligent camp counselor for kids, and just can't connect that to a murderous villain without some major milestone changing his course. He's not like other mass murderers, except that he's shy. One of those times when I really wish I just had some spidey sense to ferret out the true reality of where the disconnect occurred.