Spa Castle continues to be a stressful destination for people seeking relaxation. A Brooklyn woman is suing the Manhattan location after allegedly getting sautéed in their Jacuzzi.

In her lawsuit, Laeticia Harrison-Roberts—aka Misfit Dior, an aspiring rapper who some of us remember from the reality show Ego Trip’s (White) Rapper Show—claims she and a friend got first- and second-degree burns from the Spa Castle’s hot tub during their visit.

The New York Post reports:

Spa Castle failed to make sure the temperature and chemicals in the hot tubs at its East 57th Street location were at safe levels, Harrison-Roberts claims in the Manhattan Supreme Court case filed last week.


Mmm, chemicals. Luxurious.

Spa Castle has a lovely history of unfortunate incidents, as Gothamist points out:

In addition to the rampant underwater sex allegations against its Queens location, a dead man was discovered floating face down in one of the spa’s hot tubs in 2014. The same location also came under fire when a transgender customer was allegedly barred from using on-site locker rooms and all-nude areas in February. Later that month, a 6-year-old girl nearly drowned when her hair was caught in a Spa Castle pool vent.


None of these are experiences worthy of the name “castle.”

Image via YouTube