Woman Sues Salon After Dye Job Makes Her Hair Break Off

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An Oregon woman sued her salon because her hair snapped off an inch from her scalp after it was bleached. She says she is owed $50,000 for humiliation, depression, and the cost of extensions.


Sarah Jane Ward sued the salon Rumi Simone Inc., where she had her hair bleached three times to a platinum blonde. Ward said when she showered, she noticed clumps of hair falling out and thought she might have cancer. She said she has colored her hair since fourth grade, explaining, "My mother told me my hair was dirty blond, and it wasn't attractive." She claimed that an inept stylist was to blame for her hair loss. A lawyer for the salon said Ward teased and hot-ironed her hair, and used hair elastics, against her stylist's advice. After listening to three days of testimony, a jury concluded 11-1 that the salon was not at fault and owed Ward nothing for her bad hair. [Oregon Live]

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She lost. It's front-page news in the Oregonian and the write-up yesterday was hair-splittingly funny, I thought. Anyway, she lives in a multi-million dollar home and I say her hair will grow back and we can all go back to normalcy.