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Woman Stops During Triathlon To Save Man's Life, Then Finishes Race

Illustration for article titled Woman Stops During Triathlon To Save Mans Life, Then Finishes Race

During a triathlon in Florida Teresa McCoy, who is a nurse at a cardiac lab, stopped to help a fellow competitor who collapsed during the race. Police officers thought he had a seizure, but McCoy realized that he didn't have a pulse and started CPR. She asked for a defibrillator from the officers' trunk, and after she shocked him he came to. Once the ambulance came, McCoy got back on her bike and finished the race. The man had a heart attack, and is expected to recover.


Image via max blain/Shutterstock.

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Today whenever I think I'm too tired or something is too hard, I'm going to remind myself of McCoy. Excuses like "but the copier is being SO annoying" will seem really lame in comparison to a live-saving triathlete.