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Woman Stabbed by Nail While Trying on Givenchy Shoe

Illustration for article titled Woman Stabbed by Nail While Trying on Givenchy Shoe

And now, a cautionary tale for anyone who kills time with absent-minded shoe-shopping: A Manhattan fitness trainer is suing Nieman Marcus and Givenchy, after (she claims) a stray nail stabbed her in the toe while trying on a pair of discount ankle booties. For this, she wants $75,000 in damages.


The New York Post reports that Andrea Pritchett was cruising around the Sunrise, Florida Last Call when she spotted a pair of $1,250 Givenchy shoes for $500. Obviously, she tried them on. But they weren't the deal they seemed! "I was like, 'Wait there's something in my foot . . . Get it off.'" Come to find out, according to her suit, she'd hit a very small nail. Her bloody toe warranted a tetanus shot and antibiotics, and Pritchett says she hasn't been able to run regularly since.

"I love shoes. Love them. I try them on, buy lots of them and I was just shocked that there was a nail in the shoe," she told the Post. No kidding!


Photo via AP Images.

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Ken Yadiggit, Adios

What kind of soleless person would do such a thing?