​Woman Shoots Lover Over Unsatisfying Sex

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If you feel that something is lacking in your sex life, the normal thing to do would be to talk to your partner about it and see what's going on, and address it somehow. But I guess that's not everyone's style.

A woman in Southfield, Michigan, became so upset with her lover of 15 years after having some disappointing sex, she accused him of cheating on her, brandished a gun, and shot the man in the stomach. The reason? He didn't ejaculate enough. UM. WHAT.

Prosecutors are appealing a decision to release 58-year-old Sadie Bell (who was sentenced 20 months to 10 years) on $10,000 bond while she appeals conviction, but as of Thursday she had not posted. According to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, it really did come down to the man, who survived, not...cumming enough. Via Opposing Views:

"She was upset with him," Walton continued, "after a sexual act that she felt he wasn't performing adequately and accused him of then having an affair, and then took out a gun and shot him."

Walton explained that Bell "knew he was having an affair because he wasn't producing enough ejaculate."

Walton also noted that in her explanation to the police, Bell included some "very graphic" details, including "she liked sex, she expected him to be able to do what he's promised; and she said, in essence, to quote her, she was pissed off, so she shot him."


I think admitting you "like sex" is not exactly graphic, but also JESUS H. MACY IT'S CALLED COMMUNICATING. What the hell happened to using your words?! If someone doesn't get the job done, how can you expect them to improve their game and maybe haphazardly "explore new terrain" by doing shit that involves ice cubes with a bullet lodged in their pancreas!?

ALSO, ALSO, WHY!? At the end of the day, it's still violence over sex, and it's horrific.


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Emma Golddigger

That's awful. But it sounds like her reason was less that the sex was unsatisfying and more that she's completely delusional. The article says she might have shot her former husband too. I hope this guy makes a full recovery.