Woman Sets Record for World's Longest, Most Unwieldy Name

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Having a long name is annoying for many reasons—introductions are complicated, filling out forms is a pain in the ass—but one woman in England purposefully gave herself an incredibly cumbersome name in order to help a charity she started after her son died. And in the process she ended up breaking the record for the longest name in the world. Okay, you'll need to set aside a few minutes to fully mull over this insane moniker:

Red - Wacky League - Antlez - Broke the Stereo – Neon Tide - Bring Back Honesty – Coalition – Feedback – Hand of Aces – Keep Going Captain – Let's Pretend – Lost State of Dance – Paper Taxis – Lunar Road - Up! Down! Strange! – All and I – Neon Sheep – Eve Hornby - Faye Bradley – AJ Wilde – Michael Rice – Dion Watts – Matthew Appleyard – John Ashurst – Lauren Swales – Zoe Angus – Jaspreet Singh – Emma Matthews – Nicola Brown – Leanne Pickering – Victoria Davies – Rachel Burnside – Gil Parker – Freya Watson - Alisha Watts – James Pearson - Jacob Sotheran-Darley - Beth Lowery – Jasmine Hewitt – Chloe Gibson - Molly Farquhar - Lewis Murphy – Abbie Coulson – Nick Davies - Harvey Parker - Kyran Williamson - Michael Anderson - Bethany Murray - Sophie Hamilton - Amy Wilkins - Emma Simpson - Liam Wales - Jacob Bartram - Alex Hooks - Rebecca Miller - Caitlin Miller - Sean McCloskey - Dominic Parker - Abbey Sharpe – Elena Larkin – Rebecca Simpson - Nick Dixon – Abbie Farrelly – Liam Grieves – Casey Smith – Liam Downing – Ben Wignall – Elizabeth Hann - Danielle Walker - Lauren Glen - James Johnson – Ben Ervine - Kate Burton - James Hudson - Daniel Mayes - Matthew Kitching – Josh Bennett – Evolution – Dreams


Wow, that is a mouthful—actually more like ten mouthfuls. (Also, why aren't more of us naming our children "Up! Down! Strange!"?) But it's all in service of a good cause. The woman, who originally had the much simpler name of Dawn McManus, set up the charity Red Dreams after her son Kyle died. She wanted to raise money and awareness for the group, which works with kids to help them channel their creative energies, so she vowed to change her name to include the name of anyone who donated until the group raised enough to meet their goal. It worked, and now here she is with a brand new, incredibly complicated name and a world record. She'll no doubt be getting a lot of lazy well wishes, like "Congratulations, you old so-and-so" and "Great job, girl." And she's not stopping here, so if you want to force her to take on your name too, you can go make a donation.

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