Woman Sees Virgin Mary In MRI • Science Says Sugar Is Addictive

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• A woman from Florida who has cancer, arthritis and no insurance plans to sell an MRI of her brain taken in 2002 that she claims contains an image of the Virgin Mary. • A young woman from Louisiana was arrested for aggravated battery when she stabbed her older boyfriend after they got into an argument because he wasn't in the mood to have sex. • A team at Cambridge University claim that women have evolved to go through menopause because older women decided it was best to stop having children and take care of their grandchildren rather than compete with younger women for mates. •


• A roving gang of female bandits have been stealing credit cards and IDs from men at bars in Austin, Texas and using the plastic to get cash. • A recent study has found that postpartum depression can lead to poor sleep quality and the lack of sleep can aggravate PPD symptoms. • Russia's main pro-government youth group is staging a "Miss Constitution 2008" beauty contest for women to represent some changes to the constitution that the group would like to see added which includes extending the presidential term so Putin can reclaim the top job. • A new book, Femme Fatale: The Female Criminal, compares representations of female criminals in films and books with mug shots of actual female criminals from the State Reformatory of Women at Long Bay from 1914 to 1930. • A new study has found that cash incentives may help dieters stay motivated to lose weight because... duh. • A recent study has found that women have not made significant gains in top U.S. jobs but women are poised to make more achievements in the future. • An 82-year-old woman in New Hampshire was lucky to have her cell phone with her when she fell down a 12 foot well on Sunday. She called 911 and was saved in minutes. • A Princeton University scientist has found new evidence that sugar is addicting. • A new study has found that although half of women remember their labor pain as being less severe than it was at the time, one in six mothers remember it being more painful after 5 years of giving birth. • The rise in "matrimonial detectives" in England has been attributed to the recession by one cheater PI, who sees more people cheating when they have more spare time. •


Alayne Stone

ok, here is the reason i hate these stupid junk studies: they are based on bullshit science. evolution is by definition the passing on of GENETIC traits that give the organism some kind of advantage in survival. the urge to take care of grandkids is not genetically determined, nor is it some kind of biological trigger for menopause. women did not "evolve" menopause because some of them decided they would be better off staying at home with the kids.


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