Woman Saves the Day After Happening Upon a Father Trying to Kill His Son [UPDATED]

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When one talks about being in the right place at the right time, that place isn't usually a cemetery. Yet that was exactly where 21-year-old Jaymisha Pires was this weekend with a friend when she saw a man starting to slice the arms of a young boy with a sharp object. The man turned out to be 30-year-old Joseph Ramirez. He'd taken three of his kids to the San Diego cemetery that afternoon after reportedly hearing his dead grandmother's voice in his head. He began cutting up his 8-year-old son's forearms and saying, "We're going to Jesus, we're going to Jesus."

Luckily, Pires happened upon the scene, and, she says, "My motherly instincts kicked in when I saw him hurting that little boy." Pires has two young sons herself, and she ran over to Ramirez and begged him to stop. Finally he shoved his son away and fled. Pires's friend, Corey Granberry, managed to grab the boy, who was bleeding badly, and his two younger brothers sisters. A 60-year-old security guard tackled Ramirez, who's now in police custody and facing charges of child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. The wounded boy was taken to the hospital for treatment, but there's no word on his exact condition—though, to be sure, thanks to Pires's good timing and brave intervention, all three of the boys children are in much better shape than they might otherwise be.

Update: It turns out the Ramirez's two younger children were actually girls, not boys. Also, ABC News is reporting that the boy has been released from the hospital. Ramirez is now scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder and cruelty to a child.


Woman saves child from sacrifice in cemetery [U-T San Diego via USA Today]
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Seize: it's about ethics in gossip journalism

I will never forget the day I was walking through a public camp ground with one of the teachers from my middle school and we saw a woman start beating a little girl. We were on a school camping trip, on our way back from the showers after several fun and grimy days trekking through Michigan’s wilderness, and we saw this woman start wailing on an 8-year-old like she was a stuck mule. My middle school teacher was a slight, long-haired hippy whose previous proclivities had been strumming her guitar by the camp fire and patiently reading through my creative writing endeavors, but in an instant she transformed into a She-Hulk and dashed to the little girl’s aid. I watched in stunned silence as she pulled the woman off the girl and held on to the kicking, screaming woman until the park rangers got there.

Not everybody has it in them to intervene in terrible circumstances. Good for Jaymisha, and good for that security guard.