Craigslist isn't just for anonymous sex with strangers you locked eyes with earlier at grocery store olive bar or or unloading your flea-infested mattress on some unsuspecting rube who just can't believe his good fortune at finding a mattress at under $100 — it's also for doing good deeds, like returning lost engagement rings to their distraught owners.

New York's NBC reports that resident butterfingers Jill Fink was reunited with her missing engagement ring thanks to the efforts of concerned citizen Michelle LaPlante, who put up fliers (!) and a post on craigslist's lost-and-found page after finding Fink's ring languishing in an Upper West Side park. Fink said she had taken her ring off to put suntan lotion on one of her two-year-old twins, and forgot about it in the cacophony of protest that ensued. She said she realized she didn't have the ring only when she was going to work the next day and, thinking she might have left it at home, she searched her apartment frenziedly until realizing in a sickening flash of hindsight that she'd left the ring at the park. Bummer.

Had Fink returned to the park, she might have seen the helpful little note LaPlante left about finding the ring, but, oddly, the original story makes no mention of Fink going back to the park for a look around, and it would seem pretty cynical of her not to retrace her steps. Luckily, a gumshoe receptionist in Fink's office perused craigslist, found LaPlante's notice, and single-handedly restored balance to the force.

Good Samaritan Reunites Woman With Lost Engagement Ring [NBC NY]


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