Woman Rejects Man on Facebook, Man Sets Her House on Fire

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A Kentucky man sets a woman's house on fire, allegedly because she rejected his advances on Facebook.


According to police, James Graham, 37, set 22-year-old Joanie Yount's home in Franklin County on fire after he posted comments making advances towards her on Facebook and she told him she wasn't interested. Via WLKY:

Police said Yount became uncomfortable after Graham posted several comments on her Facebook photos and that she had asked him to leave her alone. "This is one of those tragic situations where somebody is now without a home and for such a minor reason," said Frankfort Police Major Robert Warfel. "It's disturbing."

Warfel said Graham made comments on Facebook about some of Yount's photos.

Police say that when Yount spurned Graham's advances, he got angry and decided to break into her house on Nov. 28, after Thanksgiving. Luckily Yount and her three-year-old son were not home at the time.

Yount's sister, Samantha Beagle, told reporters Graham was nothing more than an acquaintance and her sister did not have any interest whatsoever in dating him. But that didn't stop Graham from repeatedly pressing the issue.

"It got to the point that she was very aggravated," Beagle said."She doesn't want a relationship, she just wants people to leave her alone. When it comes to stuff like that, either be decent or don't bother her at all."

Graham was indicted and charged with charged with burglary and arson. Yount, meanwhile, is still homeless and reportedly had to take a second job to make money to buy her son new presents, since the ones she originally bought him were destroyed in the fire.

Harassing a woman (online or in person), refusing to take no for an answer and lashing out in violence against the woman who refused his advances. Kind of a familiar story at this point, isn't it?


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