Woman Reads Beyoncé Lyrics as Dramatic Monologues and It's Brilliant

Sometimes pop music is poetry that actually makes sense and sometimes it’s even better delivered as spoken word. Meet Nina Millin, an actress who created The Beyoncelogues, where she dramatically speaks Beyoncé’s lyrics. It’s great, so great in fact that after watching her delivery of Bey's "Mine" I had to re-watch the actual video to remember how the song is supposed to sound.

Millin told Esquire that she hatched the Beyoncelogues while attempting a Beyoncé song during karaoke and failing miserably. To save herself, she drew on her Shakespearean knowledge and performed a monologue instead. Now she has three Beyoncelogue clips on YouTube and promises more are on the way.

"I think I misunderstood how beloved Beyoncé is," Millin admits when she talks about the overwhelming response from friends and family to the videos. "I think we're really on to something here."

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The Mine one was g-e-n-i-u-s I would watch the fuck out of that play