Illustration for article titled Woman Puts Menstrual Blood in Her Bosss Coffee, Ruins His Mornings Forever

If you thought putting shit in someone's food was the nastiest possible way to get revenge, think again. A woman named Jumiah in Singapore took things to a whole new level when she put some of her menstrual blood in her boss's coffee. Why don't we all take a minute to say "Ahhhhhuckuggthhhuuh" as we realize that, yes, in fact someone else did pour our coffee this morning...


As for why Jumiah, 24, chose to do this to her boss, it's not clear. She had worked for the man for about a year, and she really must not have been too fond of him. I don't even think we should start speculating about how she got the blood into the coffee. Let's hope it involved tupperware and not a direct transfer, I guess? Oh God. Oh God. Is there a a way to get Purell into your brain?

Jumiah, Maid In Singapore, Allegedly Put Menstrual Blood In Boss's Coffee [HuffPo]


Image via A Aleksii/Shutterstock.

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