Woman Proposes to Her Girlfriend During Hockey Game, Hearts Melt

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Hockey is not generally known for producing heart-warming moments, but there was a notable exception at yesterday's game between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs. During a break in play, Alicia was brought out on the ice where her girlfriend Christina surprised her with a proposal and impressively managed to do the whole thing without falling down. Even though Christina is a Senators fan and Alicia was rooting for the Maple Leafs, Alicia said yes—as the mascot helpfully informed us with his sign—and the crowd went wild. Looks like there is yet another benefit to legalizing same-sex marriage: even more sports game proposals. Everybody wins.




I am going to have to disagree with all the heart-felt, "good for them!" sentiments on here. I understand that a lot of "science" will tell you that who you love is based on "genetics," but I still think that everyone has to make a choice. You may think that these two ladies were destined from birth (and maybe partially conditioned by the environments in which they were raised) to love the Leafs and the Senators but to me, it was a choice. A sinful choice. Sure, I experimented with the Maple Leafs in high school - they had a new arena, after all - and then I had a fling with the Senators since they were starting to make the playoffs, but that's natural. What is unnatural is continuing to make the choice to love either of these teams. These women are degrading the bedrock of our society, and no one is thinking of the children.

In short, go Pens.