Woman Needs Your Help to Take Bicycle On Lavish Honeymoon

These are hard times we're living in: rents are up, wages are down, and we're doing all of our clothes shopping at Walgreens—two sweatshirts for $10, you can't beat that. Some people can't even afford to take their bike on a honeymoon. That's why Lisa Nelson of Pacifica, Ca has started an Indiegogo campaign to fund the honeymoon she and her bike, attractively named Steel Spokes, plan to take as soon as they get married on March 2nd.

Nelson, who appears to have jumped straight out of a Francesca Lia Block book (shoutout to Weetzie Bat) and is intending to jump right into our hearts, is asking for $6,000 which she plans to use not just for fun, but also as research for a "semester on bicycle" program she hopes to implement in the future, once she has finished her college degree. Spokes, with whom Nelson has been for fifteen years (that is actually quite enviable and I hope I get there with my partner someday), already has a degree in Bicycology. (It's a thing.) (No, it's not, Weetzie Bat!)

Nelson's already raised over $1,500, but she needs help to get to her goal and she is prepared to offer you "perks"; everything from a wedding photo (A modestly priced $5) to a nude photo of the bride riding the groom (an extravagant $2000). If you'd like to hit somewhere in between, donors can buy the right to give away Steel Spokes during the wedding ceremony for just $500.


Congratulations to the happy couple!

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