Woman Is Addicted to Smelling Scary-Ass, Disembodied Doll Head

As with most addictions featured on My Strange Addiction, Lacey's addiction is not actually an addiction. She's just really into carrying around this disembodied, incredibly creepy—as in it looks like it will breathe your soul out of your body in your sleep—doll head because she likes the smell of it. Maybe the extent of this "habit" is amplified for the cameras, maybe not. Either way, Lacey's own mother thinks she's weird: "Actually I thought something was wrong with her at first."


The best part of Lacey's whole story though is that, over pedicures, she decides to make a confession to her friend, telling her that she likes sniffing the doll head when she's being intimate with her fiancé. She says, "And I'll, like, look over my shoulder to see if he's looking…" unwittingly painting the picture of the viewing audience at home of her holding the doll head to her face during doggy style.

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They ran out of addictions, didn't they?

In all fairness, I vaguely recall certain plastic dolls of mine from the '80s smelling really good. Like, that particular formula just gave off really pleasant fumes. I hope she occasionally wipes it down with some alcohol or Lysol, though.