Woman Injured After a Bullet Spontaneously Explodes in Her Purse

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The dangers of carrying a gun in your purse—even a pretty pink one—are pretty well-established. But you might also want to consider keeping any random ammunition you own out of your handbag. That's a lesson one woman in Pennsylvania just learned the hard way. The 56-year-old was shopping at a Lowe's when suddenly a loose bullet in her purse exploded and injured her leg. She didn't have a gun in the bag or on her, so it's not exactly clear what caused the bullet to go off, but the local police chief said, "Something must [have] hit the primer of one of the bullets. The bullet stayed in the purse, but its casing put a hole in the purse and caused a minor leg wound." Ouch. She must be the kind of person that likes to live on the edge, though, because not only does she carry ammunition in her bag, she also initially refused to see a doctor after being sort-of-shot in the leg. Fortunately, she did later go to the hospital, at the urging of her son, and appears not to have been seriously injured.

Lowe's Shopper Injured When Bullet Explodes In Purse [Consumerist]

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

This is a major mistake people who aren't familiar with firearms make. They think ammo can't go off unless it's in a fire or a gun. People don't always understand that it's pressure that makes the ammunition fire, and that pressure can be achieved outside of a firearm. I knew a guy who got severely injured by using a 50-cal round to hammer something into place - and this was a soldier who should have known better!

Seriously, people. The round spot on the back of the ammo - that's the primer. The ammunition fires when the trigger hammer strikes the primer at a high velocity. The barrel is there to simply direct the explosion after that point. Don't keep your ammo where something might strike the primer at a high velocity. Don't keep it where something might jerk into it. Don't keep it in a handbag that you whip around without thinking.