Woman Has Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr

Illustration for article titled Woman Has Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr

Since childhood, South Korean model Hong Yuh Reum has heard that she looks like a "adorable non-Korean child." She decided to make the comparison official by getting plastic surgery on her nose and eyes to look like Miranda Kerr.


Why Miranda? According to the Daily Mail, it's because of her combination of beautiful-yet-baby-faced looks: "The popular KoreAm Journal says Kerr is 'a perfect combination of cute and sexy,' and embodies a 'look many East Asian young women wish to achieve.'"

Reum has dyed her hair "honey-brown" and wears blue contacts to complete her Miranda-inspired looks. She's said that the procedures have helped her international modeling career. This is getting into an uncanny valley level of crazy to me, but apparently a lot of people are willing to risk that to look like their favorite celebrities.



stupid question of the non-native speaker: why is it a adorable and not an adorable? Because of the "?