Woman Has Eyelash Sex With Her Mascara In Weird New Ad

Well, that's one way to get people talking about black goopy body hair makeup that comes in an opaque tube.

The new ad for Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara personifies mascara as a velvety-voiced lover eager to please women with its long, thick applicator. The ad's human star Jeannie Mai is at first slightly taken aback but soon succumbs to the seductive charms of her makeup, declaring at the end that the product really is better than sex.

For what it's worth, I'm a bit of a devotee to Too Faced makeup, and over-the-top cheekiness juxtaposed with high quality products that are almost always totally worth it is kind of a part of the brand's whole thing. This spot is goofy, cartoony, and over-the-top, but at the very least it's interesting. Better than an airbrushed Sofia Vergara hawking mascara that some women say makes their eyelashes come out in clumps.

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Samuel L. Daschund

All I can think of is this video....