Woman Goes Missing After Possible Tinder Date [Updated]

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Well this is frightening. A California State University Los Angeles student has gone missing and authorities believe her disappearance may be related to a potential date she had set up via Tinder.

KTLA 5 reports that Adeline Munguia, 19, hasn't been heard from since Thursday afternoon, when she was seen getting on a bus headed to Downtown LA. At the time, her roommate was communicating with her on a different social media platform: SnapChat. She told the CSULA University Times that she and Munguia:

...were Snap chatting a few times when she was on campus. One of her Snap chats was sent through main walk way between Cashiers Office and the Health Center, her last text was a meme sent around 4PM but from there the Snap chats and texts stopped.


Security footage last shows Munguia crossing a street on campus while on her phone wearing a pink top. (Less helpful: the fact that her name has been spelled in a variety of ways across different news outlets.) So far, Munguia's disappearance appears to be the first that's connected to Tinder specifically, though it's hardly the first involving online dating (or even dating in real life). Update: It appears that Munguia has been found. No further details about Tinder's involvement in her ordeal have been revealed, though there were "No signs of foul play were reported." University spokesperson Paul Browning tells Jezebel that "Ms. Munguia reported that she just wanted some alone time and had turned off her mobile device. The incident is still under investigation."

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Am I the only one who is at least 51% sure this is going to happen to me every time I go on an online date? It's like a big game trying to figure out which ones are real people and which ones are the craigslist killers.