On last night's Daily Show, Samantha Bee talked to Fox commentator Noelle Nikpour about Obama's evil socialist Christmas ornament agenda. But the best part of the segment was when Bee solicited reactions to ornament-gate from schoolchildren.

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Obama's Socialist Christmas Ornament Program
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It's pretty priceless to watch Nikpour — ex-proprietor of a "racy website" and defender of schoolchildren against homosexual "techniques" — tell Sam Bee with a straight face that the Christmas ornaments the White House sent to schoolchildren for decoration were a way of "infiltrating them" with socialism. But even better is the way the kids themselves react when Bee tries this socialist-infiltration language — and, for good measure, the birther conspiracy theory — out on them. Their responses start with "do you think before you speak?" and get better from there. Glenn Beck would be no match for them.

December 16, 2009: Obama's Socialist Christmas Ornament Program [Comedy Central]