Woman Gets Hug From King Penguin, Reaches Kristen Bell Level of Happiness

It's unofficial Penguin Day here at Jezebel. Did you know that they hug people? THEY HUG PEOPLE.


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The ecologist Jared Diamond says the greatest mistake humans ever made was developing agriculture. From that sprang forth private property, desire, crime, religion, selfishness, the disintegration of communities. No wonder the woman above has the reaction she does. Nature is simple; nature is black and white, and clear—animals only murder each other for food, most of the time. It is the curse of humanity to be as intelligent and as multifaceted psychologically as it is. We are capable of great beauty and great knowledge but also great cruelty, death, barbarism, stupidity. We this past week are still fighting hate and primitivism. I don't think we ever will stop.

Happy Wednesday!