Woman Fined Rather Than Applauded After Scamming Nigerian Email Scammers

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An Australian woman has been fined after stealing more than $30,000 from Nigerian scammers who were running a fraudulent car sales website. I believe the customary punishment for people who con the con artists is to provide them with the cake of their choosing and three rounds of "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow," but I guess things are different in Australia.


The woman, 23-year-old Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey, agreed to open an Australian bank account for a group of Nigerians who said they needed it to hold the proceeds from their scammy car website. They told her that she could keep 8% of the money funneled through the account, but instead she just kept all of it.

The scam's victims, would-be car buyers who found themselves sans car or cash, reported the scam to the police, and Cochrane Ramsey's account turned up.

Cochrane-Ramsey insists that she didn't know that the people who asked her to open up a bank account in her name were scam artists. She thought they were just normal, everyday strangers who approach people to entice them to open bank accounts to hold proceeds from totally legal activities.

If you believe that, there's a barrister in London who has just discovered that you are the last living relative of a billionaire from Sierra Leone I'd just love to introduce you to.

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Cosmic Bitch

Stealing is still illegal, no matter who it's from. And you don't get cake for stealing.