Woman Fakes Daughter's Death to Get More Vacation Time

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Here's a pro tip: If you're trying to score a few more days off, don't pretend you're the victim of one of the most devestating tragedies a person can go through. And, if asked to provide documentation on said tragedy, definitely make sure all your fonts match.


WABC New York reports that Joan Barnett, a parent coordinator at the Manhattan School of Hospitality Management, has been fired for telling her bosses that her daughter died. Though presumably Barnett has more than two months off per year, she desperately wanted to spend two weeks in Costa Rica last March, so she hatched an elaborate plot. First she had her real daughter call the school and say that her non-existent sister was in Costa Rica and had fallen ill. Authorities say that next she had a relative call and say that the girl, "died of a heart attack the whole family going down for the wake and funeral."

What makes Barnett's crime even worse is that the whole thing was tremendously sloppy. She provided the school with a death certificate, but the principal became suspicious when he noticed the fonts were different sizes. The school contacted authorities and according to special schools investigator Richard Condon, a quick search through airline records confirmed that it was a scam."Although the death certificate said March 20th, 2010, she had booked the flight in early March so it was obvious she was going to Costa Rica for vacation," said Condon.

Now Barnett is on an extended vacation, as she's been fired. She also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor forgery. Condon says he hopes her termination sends a message to other people thinking of pulling a scam, and we're sure it did. Clearly if you're looking for more time off, faking mono is a much safer option.

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Sorcia MacNasty

What was her defense?! "Was that... wrong?"

Did she just plead "ignorance" like George? Didn't realize this kind of thing was "frowned upon?"