Woman Faints When Eating Sandwiches • Zoo Sorry About Gorilla Farts

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• OMG: A young English woman suffers from a rare condition that causes her to faint whenever she eats a sandwich or drinks "fizzy" beverages. That's our entire diet! •


Men's Health and Women's Health magazines have named Salt Lake City the healthiest city for women. • Operation Santa was (perhaps temporarily) shut down after a registered sex offender in Washington tried to partake in the "adopting" of Santa letters. • Mice revenge! A fire at a Canadian Humane Society that killed two kitties may have been caused by mice chewing on electrical wires. • Watch out "friends:" a CA Supreme Court ruled that a paralyzed woman can sue a buddy who helped pull the woman out of a car following an accident. • A Pennsylvania man was sentenced on Wednesday for calling a bomb threat on a high school to get his girlfriend out of class early. • The Pakistani government will commemorate the first anniversary of Benazir Bhutto's assassination with a limited 10-rupee coin. • Awesome: women who live in New York City live longer on average than New York men. • A woman in Boulder, Colorado who ran naked in the streets with a pumpkin on her head on Halloween escaped sex-offender status by accepting a plea deal on Thursday. • Heavy metal is making a quiet comeback in Egypt. • The Chessington Zoo in London had to issue an apology to guests after it fed its gorillas Brussels sprouts, which induce strong farts in the animals. • A new study reports that men who were sexually abused in childhood are ten times more likely to contemplate suicide. • Marie Douglas-David, a Swedish countess in the middle of divorce from United Technologies Chairman George David, claims she has $53,000 of weekly expenses (and this is after she has scaled back) that she wants her soon-to-be-ex-husband to cover. • Illinois officials discovered 69 rabbits in a one-bedroom apartment during a recent eviction. • In New York, a young store clerk returned a granny's discarded $1 million-winning lottery ticket after she asked him to throw it away. • A new study claims that the older a father is when his child is born, the more likely that child will have autism, lower IQs and/or poor social abilities. • A recent study says that dumber Scottish soldiers were more likely to survive WWII than their more intelligent counterparts. • The first British baby to be genetically screened and cleared from the breast cancer gene will be born next week. • A special online promotion from Sony BMG Music Entertainment allows users to sing a duet with Elvis. • For men who love literary ladies, poetry and garter belts there is now the Poetry Brothel in NYC. • Sam Davies, a British yachtswoman, left her solo round-the-world race to rescue a badly injured French competitor who was stuck at sea. • A man in China held his girlfriend out of a third-story window and then held her hostage at knifepoint until police overtook him. •



Running naked in Boulder makes you a sex offender? I figured it was part of the annual Naked Pumpkin Head 15k Race. Those Boulder folks love a good road race.